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SLS Hotels

Luxury comes in many forms as the identity for SLS, a 5 star Hollywood hotel, demonstrates. Combining the ‘grandeur of Europe’ with a sense of LA's after-hours party spirit requires a delicate balance. But unleash a troop of Capuchin monkeys into a baroque playground and you have the essence of something very special. A double take that is one part elegance and style, the other mischief and play. A promise of antics, adventure and delight.

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PUMA Phone Advertising.

A ‘phone’ isn’t just a ‘phone’ anymore; it’s a pedometer, turntable, diary and so much more. To appeal to Puma’s target demographic, the younger user, a collection of seven viral videos were created. Each film matched one of the phone’s unique features. Mice exercised, paper became planes, a cupboard became a stage, the weather was tropical and Dylan the virtual Puma was introduced to the world. 

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Train is the most intelligent way to travel to Paris, Lille or Brussels. Eurostar have succeeded in making it the most glamorous too. They relaunched their international service in 2004 with a £35m facelift under artistic director Philippe Starck. The vision was to introduce “the elegance of intelligence” into all areas of the customer journey. The city centre to city centre service provides a seamless experience compared to the stop start of a plane– a unique chance for us to create an uninterrupted dose of Eurostar magic wherever you were on your journey. 

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