MOB Hotel Of The People.

MOB is not a normal hotel. MOB is analogue. MOB is bold. MOB is inclusive. MOB is resourceful. MOB is simple. It's a place of genuine & original hospitality. MOB's mission is to create an affordable, social, and intellectually stimulating experience, MOB is a space created for the meetings of minds and human exchanges.The hotel is a hub for the local community and attracts the best of the outside in. Inspired by the teachings of Karl Marx, it's a place that plays havoc with conventions, challenging the norm at every turn. Not a place to stay holed up in your room but a place to mingle.


Swedish Goodness.

The rise in popularity of cool outdoor brands and their promise of healthy, natural living, has spawned a tent full of me-too brands. So how do you re-position a 120 year old manufacturer to rise above the pack? Tretorn, the iconic Swedish outdoor brand called on best friends Karl & Oskar, a bear and moose. Symbols of the great outdoors and champions of the spirit of Swedish Goodness, Karl and Oskar remind us that when something is this good, you can afford to relax a little and not take life quite so seriously.

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Bag & Arrow.

Sometimes seeming to try less hard yields the greatest results. Nowhere is this more true than in the promotion of Cardinal Place, a shopping centre next to London's Victoria Station. Stand out to commuters during rush hour was achieved not by showy advertising but by seemingly assigning the responsibility of site promotion to a couple of amateur costume artists. The unlikely duo became local celebrities, performing their duties to the best of their abilities with sheer pathos and unpolished charm. Professionally spinning the unprofessional struck a chord with a difficult crowd and saw 'Bag and Arrow' back by popular demand for a second year of promotion.

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Puma DuoCell.

Think 'sport' and you probably picture athletic poses and heroic victories. Promoting the science and innovation behind Puma’s cutting edge DuoCell technology without forgetting the brand's position of 'joy', called for a different view. Enter George and Oscar; two loveable mascots who personify the unique mix of tech and fun that's at the very heart of Puma's take on sport. Helping tell the story with bagfuls of charm, George & Oscar put a much needed spring in the step of sport product marketing.

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