The ‘iPod of Hotels’, Yotel offers a highly customizable smartspace to its guests, but with efficient service at its heart. Check-in is automated via intelligent kiosks, and luggage is stowed by Yobot. Taken and then stored, the robot concierge can recall its location in seconds, perfect for long city layovers before flights. In Yobot’s downtime, he does a nice line in glass art with a bullet tipped marker.

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PUMA Local.

There's an authenticity, believability and goodness to home-made local advertisments. "Just around the corner" was a cookie-cutter system for all PUMA stores to make their own local-area advertising to boost footfall to the store. All posters shared an image of a suede PUMA Formstripe® customised as if by the local neighbourhood street artist. Go see! It's just around the corner!

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Gift Bot™.

Christmas is a time for giving, spreading love and cheer has the power to bring peace and wellbeing to all humankind. In a global, multi-faith marketplace who can be the maker and giver? The beauty of automating the process is immediately apparent. Gift Bot™ brings a battery-powered charm to the holidays and becomes an unlikely icon for the season. A loveable, cross-cultural electronic elf.

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