Virgin Galactic.

The evolution of mankind is driven by a deep desire to explore. Not just our own planet but of what lies beyond what we know. Our collective need to travel faster, higher, further is part of the human condition. Virgin Galactic celebrates this undeniable urge, in the vision of humanity to explore beyond our reach. The Iris is Branson’s own, the DNA of Flight is that history, begun by the bravery of Icarus. Applied to a livery that is at its most meaningful right at the apex of its mission; the six weightless minutes where its civilian astronauts have the opportunity to look back at earth from a new, life-changing perspective.

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Dr. Who.

50 years of time travel were packed into a tiny box of infinite potential. Not the Tardis, but the humble TV. This portal to other worlds in the corner of every living room, everywhere, is celebrated in this record-breaking Special Stamps set from Royal Mail. All 11 doctors are honoured with a regenerating stamp each, and their epic story of struggle and discovery is squeezed into an epic series of collectable materials, literally out of this world in their scope and ambition.

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Despite being the brand that invented the dual concept of ‘SportLifestyle’, 65 years of athletic performance technology remains at the heart of every new creation. Puma Cell draws a line between the two, and has become the method of differentiating the products that enhance physical ability from the ones that purely enhance physical appearance. Puma Cell binds together the undeniable genetics of Puma’s DNA; Fun, energetic and human, but this time, taking its technical prowess a little more seriously. To be fun, energetic and humorous but this time, taking itself a little more seriously.

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