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Miss Kō.

Miss Kō is not another Asian fusion restaurant located in the heart of Paris’ most prestigious arrondissement; it’s a place where street food, cocktails, art and music meet to create a unique culinary experience. Inside Miss Kō it’s an asian street of the future; it’s like Blade Runner – only happy.  Young, sensual but eternally mysterious, the effigy of Miss Kō is the embodiment of Asia’s traditions and beauty. Celebrating the delicate craft of Irezumi tattoo, her full body suit was designed for GBH by Horikitsune, the only western artist apprenticed to Japanese grand master Horiyoshi III.  

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Mama Shelter.

Imagine a place that's a curious mix of the homely charm of your grandma's house and a sexy nightclub. That's the Mama way. A unique hotel experience that serves up chic style with a big heart and a sense of community. A hip hotel without pretention, Mama guests can eat home cooked food together at communal tables or party hard with the DJ on stage; many do both. Unexpected eclecticism is of course at the heart of Mama and infuses everything from the branding itself to the carefully curated items found throughout the Philippe Starck design interiors – a tasty recipe mixed up in a big Mama pot.

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Starck Naked.

If there’s a product that can push the boundaries of respectability and taste when it comes to the shop shelf, it’s underwear. As inherently sexy, sultry and seductive items of clothing they dictate modern decency. Phillipe Starck and Puma’s luxury high performance body wear, Starck Naked, is no different. Deserving of refreshingly honest, yet unexpected packaging, Starck Naked has the confidence to show it like it is.

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