Thank George.

There are few subjects more influential and everlastingly cool as surfing. Effortless yet impressive, nonchalant yet entirely from the heart, a tee from ‘Thank George’ pays back to the father of the modern Surf movement, its unsung hero, George Freeth. Acknowledging George’s Irish and Hawaiian roots, this water-mark is carved from Polynesian and Gaelic styles.

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Mr. Strauss.

A great story is only as good as its storyteller. Mr Strauss' sock by Levi's, a re-imagining of a product Levi Strauss himself might have made back in the gold rush era, is a fitting example. Using yarn, weaving processes and machinery that date back to the late eighteen hundreds, the limited edition sock exudes heritage and quality. To tell this story of victorian sustainability with the respect it deserved, required a fastidious attention to detail and some good old-fashioned craftsmanship. 

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The Adria.

The year is 1953 and Kensington is home to artists, lords, inventors and students. A new spirit of post-war optimism and coronation fever is in the air. The Adria is a realisation of that picture held in the memory of one man (then a student, now a Qatari dignitary) for over 60 years. Time and care are layered into this exquisite 26 room town house hotel where traditional style and contemporary touches sit comfortably together. The branding is based around story telling, the alphabet, new ceremonies, exquisite materials, the luxury of craft and, of course, absolute discretion.

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