Big News from GBH.

After 21 years, GBH decided in November 2019 that 2020 would be its final year. Its three founders; Jason Gregory, Mark Boner and Peter Hale remain firm friends of more than 30 years and we came to the decision jointly to close the studio as we look forward to new opportunities in our careers and in our personal lives; either persuing other interests, working inside brands or as independent creatives. Its always been important to us to do the very best work we can and we have some wonderful clients to thank for enabling us to fulfill this desire. Together we have made some wonderful work and we are proud to say that we have developed many talented people.

Thank YOU for being part of our journey so far, and we look forward to our next steps as we continue in our quest to make the very best work we can. Our Website will continue to grow as we publish our final projects and it will remain in the hope that we can continue to inspire others to do even greater work in the future.

With love from GBH X

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