MOB Hotel Of The People.

MOB is not a normal hotel. MOB is not a normal brand. MOB is colour. MOB is analogue. MOB is bold. MOB is confident. MOB is diverse. MOB is inclusive. MOB is resourceful. MOB is efficient. MOB is charming. MOB is simple. MOB is of the people.

The mission is to create an affordable, social, fun and intellectually stimulating experience, where the hotel is really a local community center that provides healthy eating options in an eclectic atmosphere. It's a place that is radical, a place that plays havoc with conventions, challenging the norm, offering large common spaces to create meetings of minds, human exchanges and a place to experience culture. The culture is champion here and considered in a broad sense; a kingdom where rooftop terraces are shared vegetable gardens and spaces of meditation.

'By The People’. ‘Of The People’.

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