Ristorante Quadri.

Quadri has been at the heart of life in Piazza San Marco for almost 300 years. While its decadent interiors have gently faded, Quadri stood proudly near the lowest point in all of Venice as the waters of the Grand Canal left their mark on this iconic place via the Aqua Alta seasonal floods.

Finally, this process of gradual decline has been reversed with a respectful yet progressive restoration by Starck, and its owners, Raffaele and Massimiliano Alajmo. Now re-opened in its three parts: The GranCaffe Quadri, the bistro Quadrino and the jewel in the crown, the fine dining Quadri Ristorante.

To celebrate, a new identity for Quadri has been created to remind us of its unique position in the Piazza and of the Aqua Alta itself. Polished from its oxidised past, it reveals a lustrous, golden future. Split horizontally, the effect reminds us of the tide mark the Aqua Alta has left on Quadri’s exterior walls, representing the waters of the Grand Canal itself. 


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Bottom half of the masks have been treated so they oxidize over time


CGI by Gecko Animation Ltd