The Verb Hotel.

Some things don’t age, they become more iconic. This was our cue when re-imagining an unloved Howard Johnson motel at the centre of Boston's buzzing Fenway neighbourhood. Since 1959 the 94-room, mid-century classic, has been the backdrop to the local music and party culture. It's seen it all and served the Bloody Marys the morning after. The hotel relaunch was about more than a new name, identity and refurb. It was a cry to breathe new life into a local icon, to riff off cultural roots and create a new experience. Mixing an archive of rock ‘n’ roll references, irreverent humour and an indie spirit, The Verb Hotel is back at the centre of the scene, showcasing a big slice of Fenway heritage while challenging guests to help write the next chapter in its rock ‘n’ roll life.